Lafayette Product Liability Lawyer

The Fazzio Law Firm has a respected reputation in Acadiana and throughout Louisiana for our aggressive advocacy and record of results on behalf of injured individuals and their families. We handle cases involving all types of defective or unreasonably dangerous products, including:

Our lawyer also advises other attorneys in complex product liability matters and represents clients in multidistrict litigation (MDL).

Disassembling The Product To Build A Successful Case

A successful product liability lawyer must be patient and knowledgeable about the science and mathematics involved. He or she must understand how the product is manufactured and how it is composed. In addition, he or she must also have the ability to work closely with engineers and other experts.

Without such a detailed knowledge, an attorney is likely to encounter significant difficulties in providing adequate proof of product defects. He or she may believe that the product is defective, but success in court demands actual facts to back up the claim.

Bringing nearly 40 years of experience to the aid of his clients, Louisiana attorney Anthony M. Fazzio is highly skilled in the complex technicalities of product liability lawsuits. He goes above and beyond what is expected to research the product and build a strong case.

Often, Mr. Fazzio's preparation involves examining the product's patents, reading related case law and reviewing prior testimony given in various venues. If a similar MDL case failed in the past, he will examine the circumstances and ask the critical questions necessary to promote his client's success.

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