Lafayette Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Insurance law is a very esoteric field of practice. Insurance policies typically evolve over time and are often used as a way for an insurance company to escape from the necessity of paying its policyholders.

The company's mission is to take in more money than it pays out. To this end, it comes up with an endless variety of policy terms, definitions, exclusions and exceptions. The result is often a hopelessly confusing web of language that prevents people from receiving the money they need and deserve.

At the Fazzio Law Firm, we know how to carefully disassemble the insurance policy, analyze its language and uncover the truth. As a highly respected trial lawyer with nearly 40 years of experience, our founder, Anthony M. Fazzio, has represented numerous clients in disputes over:

  • Auto insurance policies
  • Homeowners insurance policies
  • Life insurance policies
  • Health insurance policies
  • Business interruption policies
  • Other policies

Mr. Fazzio is board certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and he is the recipient of multiple accolades.

You Need Someone Skilled To Champion Your Cause

When it comes to bad faith insurance litigation, only the policyholder is the rookie. The insurance company and its bulwark of attorneys have played this game many times before. This means that attempting to persuade the company to honor its agreement on your own is both unwise and futile. You need a highly experienced advocate on your side who can cut through the verbal tangle.

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