Lafayette Offshore Accident Lawyer

Injuries Aboard Ships, Oil Rigs And Other Structures

Some of the most common offshore accidents are those involving oil rigs and platforms anchored in the continental shelf off the coast of Louisiana. Many other workers are injured each year in diving accidents and accidents aboard oil tankers, barges and other vessels.

Because oil field workers usually work so far from shore, they are often shuttled back and forth by helicopter, leading to the possibility of dangerous helicopter crashes as well. All of these accidents touch on maritime law in some way or another.

Whether you were injured on the water or on shore, turn to the Fazzio Law Firm in Lafayette Parish for vigorous and strategic advocacy. We know how to take advantage of all available types of compensation, making sure you have the money you need to pay your medical bills, provide for your family and more.

Maritime Claims Call For A Highly Experienced Attorney

Maritime law is an arcane and highly technical area of practice covering the extremely wide body of legal principles that affect shipping worldwide. Often, the same legal principles covering "bluewater maritime law" on the various oceans are translated and applied as "brown-water maritime law" to incidents that occur in the Gulf of Mexico and its oil fields.

Although all offshore accidents involve a complex body of law, matters become particularly complicated when the incidents occur in the Gulf and involve moveable structures. This means that the lawyer you choose should be particularly knowledgeable about this unique area of law.

Our founding maritime injury attorney, Anthony M. Fazzio, is not only board certified in civil trial law, but he has close to 40 years of legal experience. He is well-qualified to handle accident cases that involve the Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, maintenance and cure, fatality-related benefits and more.

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